FitKit Guest Post: Running With Allergies and Quiz Review

Remember that thing, I’ve talked about before – FitKit?

FitKit is hoppin’ right now because not only can you check out my latest guest post, “Running With Allergies,” you can also take their sweet diet and fitness quiz.

Today, in the day of monogrammed iPhone cases, everyone loves to have everything personalized. And what better way than to have a customized experience that teaches you how you can improve your health?

The quiz is 16 questions and they are super easy to answer.


fitkittimeAt least I know I’m good to go in this area!

Here were my results:

fitkitresultsI was actually quite proud of my diet results!


My mouth opened when I saw this one:

fitnessreccomendationsYour weight is great? Seriously?

That’s a nice reminder that skinny isn’t necessarily what we should want to be – we should want to be healthy.

See if you’re healthy HERE!