Southern Wedding Weekend

I had a four-day weekend this past week when we headed down to Chattanooga on a road trip with Tuna’s fam for a wedding.

vera1Both the road trip the wedding were pretty awesome, especially the FOOD!

2013-04-20 22.46.11Since it was a southern wedding, there was lots of southern food.

Some delicious highlights:

  • Weirdly good hibachi in a small country town in Virginia.
  • Mac and cheese filled biscuits (yes, heaven apparently exists).
  • Fried pickle kabobs are my favorite.
  • I LIKE CHEESEBURGERS NOW. This occurred late night at the wedding, served with chocolate milkshakes. The buns were biscuits. I had mine…and Tuna’s. Whoops.
  • Stone ground cheese grits at a country club brunch with a gorgeous view.

2013-04-21 10.56.54I did not weigh myself yesterday. I don’t think I will for a few days!

The ten hour ride home was broken up with back-to-back McDonald’s stops.

I tried to be somewhat healthy-ish at McDonald’s (I still don’t think that’s possible) and tried the new chicken and ranch McWrap with grilled chicken.

It was decent tasting for a wrap, though it still isn’t that healthy with it’s mayonnaise based dressing and white tortilla. But after my double cheeseburger incident above, I don’t think my body was complaining to see a little bit of lettuce.

I still think cheat weekends at events with yummy junk food are worth it. I may not feel so hot afterwards, but I spent my time enjoying yummy food rather than resenting it!

Do you ever find yourself stressing about food at an event/party?

What is a new food you’ve tried lately?

Have you tried the McWrap yet?