PRR Training Week 2: The Week of the Tight Hammie

Last week was Week 2 of the PRR half marathon training cycle.

Just when I said my legs were in perf shape for Week 1, after a super sweaty and hilly run on Monday – my hammies were toast.

Nothing too bad, just the typical re-introduction of my leg muscles to four days of running that I thought I would affect me in Week 1.

I cut down one of the three short runs to almost nothing and in true running-hypochondriac fashion, foam rolled and iced my right hamstring in hopes it would heal me for Saturday’s long run [5 miles].

Luckily, I was able to demand advice from chat up my personal trainer friend on Friday night on whether or not I should bag the long run.

When I explained that nothing felt strained, just that my hamstring felt really tight, he gave me the go-ahead. He told me that running slowly on it would actually loosen it up and help with the soreness.

The result?

The best long run I’ve had like…ever.

Maybe it’s because I ran even slower than usual, but I was having a blast zoning out to my music and running an out and back tree-covered section of the trail a bunch of times.


(old pic from the winter)

My PT friend also suggested I start doing track-type [dynamic] warm ups and then stretch before the run. He said that static stretches (just being down and touching your toes, etc) don’t do anything for your muscles pre-run. I’m pretty good about doing cool downs after a run and stretching then – but not before!

So next week, for the sake of training smarter, I shall be good and look like a fool doing karaoke warm-ups before starting my Garmin.

Week 2

Monday: 3 mile run

Tuesday: yoga and 8-minute abs

Wednesday: 2 mile run, under goal pace

Thursday: 1 mile run, 1 mile walk

Friday: rest

Saturday: 5 mile run

Sunday: rest

Do you warm-up before you run? What do you do?

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