1 Minute Repeats Circuit Workout

Can you tell I’m having fun making circuit workouts?

I don’t know what the best part is:

– Working out in a sports bra as a top and not caring
Not driving to the gym
– Being entertained by trashy reality TV during a workout

I like all of those things.

Last week I went to a group class at Crunch with my friend Mal and it was lots of fun to learn some new toning moves. Too bad I have yet to buy a kettlebell or dumbells, since a lot of the exercises that the instructor showed us in the class used them. But for now, I don’t mind improvising without equipment!

I worked good sweat from this circuit – and let myself rest for a few minutes in between each set.

1 Minute Repeat Circuit Workoutmain1

What are jump ups? I made them up. I see people at the gym doing crossfit workouts jumping up on stool-things, so my plastic stool from my bunk bed dorm room days got its own workout.

To do this move, jump up on a stool – or anything, really! Then jump back down. I do about thirty reps in one minute.

stepupsI’m pretty sure my booty will be sore tomorrow! 😉

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