After the Race

Even though the PRR Half Marathon was a few weeks ago, it seems like it has been forever!

After each of the “endurance” races I’ve done (Tough Mudder and the Shamrock Half Marathon) I’ve taken a week off of anything working-out related. One week off to reward my hard work and give my body some rest. I really like this time because I can catch up on all the things I don’t have time to do I usually spend running. I.e.: sleeping, plopping on the couch, cooking, and other non-aerobic activities.

With Thanksgiving break feeling like a vacation, I inadvertently carried over the one week off for a few more days…and then a second week. Whoops.

I literally have done no exercise in the past few weeks and it has been glorious.

Sometimes rest days or weeks (especially from injuries) are horrible because your mind needs the endorphins. But this rest week was fabulous for me! For the entire first week I had no run guilt, and was totally fine with sitting around on my butt. Toward the end of the second week of rest I started itchin’ for some sweat again and would find myself thinking it would be nice to go for a run.

The absolute only thing I did last week involving movement of any kind was meeting my aunt at the driving range with Tunes and hitting a few balls.


Yup, the next day my muscles were sore from golf.


In college I worked at a gym and the busiest day of the year was always the Monday after Thanksgiving – I guess everyone wants to work off the turkey. Because of that I started my post race work outs the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

It is crazy how a few days/weeks off of running really makes you feel out of shape! My legs felt disconnected and too big for my body.

By the end of the miles they were slowly remembering what to do.

This has been the perf little break I needed to make me miss running. I’m ready to come out of hibernation now.

What does your work-out plan look like this week? Yoga, maybe another short run or two!

Tell me all the things.

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