Spoiler Alert

Ok, so can you please shut your mouth about anything Olympic related until after the event actually airs?

Guys, he got second. (Original via)

Side note: Michael Phelps’ mom looks exactly like my crazy next door neighbor who puts stuffed animals out on her balcony.

No joke.


Is it just me, or are the Olympics especially spoilerific this year?

Maybe I didn’t care as much about the Olympics when I was younger, so I maybe don’t remember them being that spoilertastic. Nah, I always liked the Olympics – so that can’t be it.

After thoughtful consideration of this issue, my genius theory is that the electronic globalization  of the world is spewing out information into our brains at an unprecedented rate.

As soon as the U.S. women’s gymnastics team won gold, photos of the medal ceremony were splattered all over Pinterest and #fabfive was trending on Twitter.

Same thing for Phelp’s three-peat win.

I should have known better than to pick the middle treadmill along the balcony at the gym yesterday. It had the best view of the 4 giant TVs along the main wall. I tried to avert my eyes as much as I could, but of course immediately after the competition in London ended for women’s gymnastics all around, NBC thought it would be a frickin’ fantastic idea to display Gabby Douglas’ smiling face blown up on the screen for the entirety of the news program. Thanks bunches.

So cute. But. Whyyyyyyy (source)

No, really: DAMN YOU.

Can’t a girl wait until Primetime?

Have any Olympic events been spoiled for you?

Do you enjoy watching the events even if they’ve been spoiled? I still do, but I’m pissy about it the whole time.

Tell me all the things.

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