What I Really Looked Like

It was raining on Sunday, so we couldn’t veg out by the pool in the sun like we had planned on.

Luckily, we improvised and headed to the rec center instead to play some racquetball!

What I really looked like….


Apparently I am terrible at any sport involving a racquet. At least I got a little cross training in though.

We did end up going to the pool, but not for sun – for laps! I grew up doing summer swim team at my neighborhood pool and I was a lifeguard for years. I’m no Missy Franklin, but I do like swimming laps for exercise. I have been missing my gorgeous university pool lately, so I was super pumped to get to swim a little.

I did laps for about twenty minutes. I was definitely rusty, but it did feel really good on my joints.

After the pool we had BLTS with chicken breast on whole wheat bread. (And a few BBQ chips. I was on vacation, OK?)

The vacation eating continued with a splurge meal at my fav restaurant: Outback Steakhouse! 

Outback has been my favorite restaurant for years. I was even a waitress there one summer in college.

I get the same thing every time. 🙂 Victoria’s center cut filet mignon, a house salad with ranch dressing, and the garlic mashed potatoes. And of course we couldn’t resist getting the bloomin’ onion for our appetizer! This dinner was most certainly not “clean,” but it was so worth the cheat meal.

I later regretted stuffing every little bit of the delish food down because my stomach was waaay too full by the end of dinner – so full I looked preggers! (Alright, I was puffing it out a bit on purpose.)

Vacation’s over – time to get focused on the last week of Tough Mudder training. I’m starting to freak out a bit.

Is there a sport you are absolutely terrible at? I’m pretty bad at tennis but I think I am even worse at soccer!

Have you ever been a server at a restaurant? If so, which one?

Tell me all the things.

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