I’ve Been a Bad, Bad Girl and Exciting News

The past week has been REALLY busy at work, so by the time I got home at night the only thing I felt like doing was sitting my butt on the couch, watching TV, and eating lots of chocolate peanut butter and pretzels.

I usually gain a pound or two over the weekend from eating pizza for dinner and guzzling down wine and then lose it during the week when I cheat less, run more, and eat more spinach.

Last weekend I cheated a bit more than I usually do, so it wasn’t too appalling that I gained 3.5 lbs. Well, kind of appalling, but I figured I could do some damage control during the week to make up for it.

That’s where the chocolate peanut butter came in. And the gummy bears, extra diet cokes, and second portions.

I’ve been a bad, bad girl.

Not only have I been chillin’ on the clean eating front, I’ve also relaxed my workouts a bit. BAD! Especially when the Tough Mudder is in 15 days. And because I need to get in bikini shape for…..

our trip to Brazil!

Tuna’s parents moved to Rio de Janeiro not too long ago and we are lucky enough to get to go visit them over Thanksgiving (with a stop in Miami to visit his sister.)


I am beyond excited.

And I better fit in to that damn bikini.

Therefore, I swear I will be better about NOT CHEATING (too much) on both clean eating and on my workouts.

Starting with my yummy-ass bagel sandwich for lunch.

Yummy-Ass Bagel Sandwich


– toasted pumpernickel bagel with salt and sesame seeds
– spicy hummus
– cream cheese
– sliced cucumber
– fresh spinach

With some Black Forest Berry Honest Tea. I’m going back to my one diet coke a day rule and I want to drink it tonight!

I did 5 miles yesterday (in my barefoot Merrell shoes, I’m loving them) and today calls for strength training – arms and abs.

Cheers to a healthy weekend!

Do you ever fall off the healthy living wagon? 

What was the most recent trip you took?