My Very Own Spin Class

I’ve probably been to a total of five or six spin classes in the past few months.

Since I’m trying to focus more on running and weight lifting for the Tough Mudder, I don’t like “wasting” a running day at the gym spinning. The spin instructors I like only have classes at 6:30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, and half of the time those days don’t align with my workout plan.

My favorite spin instructor reminds me of Scary Spice – not in looks obvi, but  encouragement wise.


I will do whatever you say, Scary Spice. You are terrifying.

While puttering around the gym on Sunday afternoon, I looked at the dark empty silence of the usually rambunctious spin room.

Then I had an idea.

I’m allowed to go in the spin room even when there isn’t a spin class! (I think I’m allowed, right Crunch?)

I planned to do just arms and abs that afternoon, but let’s be honest, just an arms and abs workout is kind of boring. I wanted to do some cardio beforehand, but didn’t want to put too much pressure on my joints since I ran on Saturday.

Venturing in to the spin room by myself was just so…different – it didn’t stink of humans like it usually does.

 I took my time adjusting my bike (it always takes me approx 10 min to get the stupid heights right) and was quite proud of myself when I finished my 30 min spin workout.

Watch out, I may be your next spin instructor! (Kidding! I think.)

Song 1: Warm-up
Slowly pedal from your push point (level 3/4) and build up coasting speed up to level 5.

Song 2: Wake-up Hill Climb
Start at level 5, move up a turn at each chorus, going up to level 8 at the end. For each turn added stand up for the chorus.

Song 3: Jump Around
Take it back to push point for a little, first chorus turn up to 6 and do saddle jumps to the beat of each chorus.

Song 4: Sprint it Out
Keep your level 6 and SPRINT at the fast parts!

Song 5: Chill Out
Back to push point and bring your heart rate down for a hot sec.

Song 6: Big Ol’ Climb
Keep on climbing to level 10 – you need an internal Scary Spice yelling at you during this one. After the last chorus, bring it back down to 9.

Song 7: Move It
Move down to level 7 and try to pedal to the off beat – at the choruses, do saddle jumps to the beat.

Song 8: Fast Recover
Bring it down to level 6 and pedal 85% speed at the choruses.

Song 9: Warm-down
Slowly bring yourself back to push point and stretch your arms/shoulders, ending with leg stretches off the bike

All you need is a spin bike and some music – have fun sweatin’!