Survival Games

My Tough Mudder poison ivy is healing just in time to embark on another ballsy outdoor adventure.

This weekend I’m headed to…the Survival Games!

What is the Survival Games? It’s described online as, “an introductory survival skills course and competition on a private woodland estate in the Shenandoah Valley.” 

My friend Ali sent me the info awhile ago, and it looked fun – but a little pricey. Luckily for me, my dad came across this same event and knew it sounded right up my alley, so he purchased the voucher for me as a gift. (Thanks, Dad!)

Anyway, Ali and I sure are in for an adventure this weekend.

Apparently we’re going to learn “hands-on training in primitive archery, shelter-making, primitive cooking, primitive fire starting, knots and traps,” and round out the day with the Survival Games Competition.

“The competition will begin with all 50 competitors and progressively whittle down the field with a variety of survival competitions—including team shelter-building; tug-of-war; and a final head-to-head individual challenge to test our newly acquired primitive archery and fire starting skills—until the one person has been declared the victor” (source).

Ummm, helloo, dream come true.

I need to practice for my kick-ass Halloween costume. If only I can convince Tuna to be Peeta…

Have you ever been to an outdoor survival training activity?

Do you have any good ideas for Halloween costumes this year?

Tell me all the things.

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