My Next Race

I’ve taken a bit of a break from running and working out since the Tough Mudder.

Actually, the last time I went to the gym was before Tough Mudder! Sorry, Crunch membership – I need to make you worth the 40 bucks a month. Perhaps I will utilize you more in October.

But I’m not too upset that I’ve been wasting away my gym membership. I really did need a break from running, just as much mentally as I did physically. When I was training for the Tough Mudder, working out was a priority. I felt like I had to go to the gym, which did have its pros and cons.

It was certainly nice to be more toned and fueled by daily endorphins! At the same time,  trying to squeeze in the gym was also stressful. I would feel guilty if I didn’t get the “right” workout in, and would often force myself to go to the gym on Friday afternoons (ughh).

I do want to get back into a routine though – no big training plan, just running regularly when I can. I definitely feel better when I run a few times a week.

How do I stay motivated when I don’t have an event or race to work towards?

I don’t.

That meant it was time to sign up for a race!

I decided that no, I didn’t need new work pants, I needed to run the Rockville 10K.

Since I’m working on building distance, and not speed, I figured I would give a 10K a shot.

Want to run it with me?

How long to you usually take to recover after races?

Do you need to have something to work towards to maintain your running routine? 

5 thoughts on “My Next Race

  1. Oh! Here it is! I was going to do this one but decided last week to do a smaller, cheaper one in La Plata, MD.

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