A Weekend Away

Four-day weekend for me! Woo hoo!

I’m headed down to central Virginia today for the weekend. One of my best friends is getting married! It’s going to be a fun time catching up with girlfriends, getting pampered, and celebrating.

Eating and drinking gluttonously is most certainly going to accompany the celebrating. I’m going to relax and enjoy eating everything in my sight this weekend, but I’m also arriving stocked with healthy goodies so that I shovel them into my mouth as opposed to seven Bodos bagels.

A cooler is a must-have in order to clean eat on the go. I’m stocking up my cooler and bringing:

Have a great weekend!

Do you have any plans this weekend? What are you up to?

2 thoughts on “A Weekend Away

  1. Have an awesome time this weekend! All your healthy goodies look delicious.. but they don’t compare to a drink or two by any means 🙂 ha!

    This weekend I’m running 12 miles, seeing the obgyn, and watching football (of course).. oh & eating a ridiculous amount of chips & salsa.

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