10-K Goal and the Dreaded Morning Run

Guess what two things are back this week?

1. Bananas

Solely back because of their cheapness.

2. Running

Dummy me – I got my weeks wrong! Last week was actually week 5, not week 4. This race is soon.Ā 

Unlike my 5-K, I’m not going to make a goal time for the 10-K. The first time you race a new distance, it’s a PR as long as you finish – that should be enough to warrant a celebration in itself. I didn’t have fun during the 5-K because I was so stressed about making my goal time that I went out wayyy to fast, and had to walk a little bit at the end! #lame

My only goal (besides finishing) the 10-K is to run the entire time. No walking allowed! If that means trotting along at a snail’s pace, I’m cool with that.

The weather was gorg on Saturday and I did a 4.25 mi run outside on my favorite trail.

Bambi(es) showed up again.

This is my favorite spot on the trail – it’s like running under a tree canopied cathedral arch.

Since this week is busy with after-work obligations, I don’t really have time to do my runs at night, like I usually do. That means I have no choice but to prepare for:

The Dreaded Morning Run.

I attempt The Dreaded Morning Run at least once a week and always end up snoozing for two hours and waking up even more frazzled (if that’s even possible.)

But now that running is officially back this week, I hereby swear I will do The Dreaded Morning Run.

I hereby swear to:

  • lay out my running clothes tonight
  • go to bed early
  • set my alarm to Gangnam Style
  • get the eff up out of bed

Anyone want to take bets? Kidding……..

How do you wake up for morning runs? It is so hard to get out of my comfy bed!

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