An Ode to Diet Coke

My dear Diet Coke,

You taste so delicious;

so refreshing and so bubbly.

You seem like a necessity,

whether with a salad for lunch

or alongside french fries and junk.

You were always there for me too,

when I was sleepy, studying for a test,

or taking a fun road trip.

But I feel like you lied to me,

or at least didn’t tell me the truth

about the risk of heart disease, diabetes,

and having a stroke.

If I keep you around, it won’t be good

for my health nor my waistline. 

Though I’ll love you forever,

I have to let you go;

so goodbye, good riddance to you:

Diet Coke!

6 thoughts on “An Ode to Diet Coke

  1. Oh, no, Kates! I’ve made myself cut back on it, but since I don’t drink coffee, sometimes a girl just needs some caffeine (and tea doesn’t cut it). Glad you’re taking card of yourself, but I hate to drink (diet Coke) alone!

  2. Read through the links (below) that you posted….People in the study were over 69, may well have had other health problems, and even the researcher says, “Don’t change til there’s more proof.” People of your age and health status should use good sense, but don’t need to go overboard.

    “or at least didn’t tell me the truth
    about the risk of heart disease, diabetes,
    and having a stroke.”

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