Mojitos and Museums

How cute is Tuna’s sis’ dog? By the end of our stay in Miami, Tom Selleck was snuggling with us and he finally let me do a photo shoot with him.


Our last day in Miami was a busy one! Tuna’s sis did a great job playing tour guide and taking us to the cool local spots.

Typ, another day of perfect weather in Miami.

We started out the day by tickling our toes in the ocean on Miami Beach.




Then it was time for lunch. We grabbed a bite to eat at a trendy Cuban place called Yucca on Lincoln Road.

Tuna and I got mojitos – they were actually pretty cheap: only 5 bucks each! In DC, a mojito would probably be the ridiculous price of approximately $12.50. Another reason I am now a fan of Miami.


We ordered the croquetas and the chicken empanadas for our appetizers. I loved the empanadas (especially the spicy guacamole sauce) but didn’t like the goat cheese filling inside the croquetas.


Luckily Tuna finished my croquetas for me.


Tuna’s sis and I both ordered the Mango Avocado Salad with Chicken. It had a sweet chili dressing that was really good.


Please observe one of the best side dishes in the world: fried Yucca.


After lunch we ventured over to Vizcaya.

Vizcaya is a famous old mansion in the Grove in downtown Miami Beach that they turned into a museum. The inside is amazing – it’s filled with ritzy antiques from the turn of the century. It felt like we were in The Great Gatsby or something!


A super rich dude built/owned it during the Titanic era and basically lived there by himself.



Um, I would like concrete ship for sunbathing in my backyard please.



The gardens were also extremely elaborate.





We had a great time walking around the grounds all afternoon.


Next up: our first day in Brazil!

Thanks as always to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting What I Ate Wednesday!

Have you ever tried Cuban food?

What’s your favorite happy hour drink?

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