[Real] Coconut

Now that I’m back in the U.S. of A. with my laptop, I finally feel that I can give my Brazil posts the credit they deserve! (It was getting tricky trying to blog from my iPhone.)

So travel back a week in time with me to last Monday night when Tuna and I boarded our plane to Rio.

I knew international flights were meant for me when I sat down in my seat and immediately saw this gem:


I shall take several glasses, por favor.

Tuna was jealous of my mad skills to sleep anytime, anywhere, so the plane ride wasn’t too bad (for me).

Once we got to Rio, Tuna’s parents immediately took us to their sweet beach three blocks away from their apartment in Leblon.

Please observe the below picture of Leblon Beach. This is where we got to spend the week. I seriously almost cried when I got home. How amazing is the landscape?

The two mountains right in the middle are called the “Two Brothers” and a favela (slum) is scattered along the rocks. The sociological side of me would love to study the social issues of Rio. Seeing everything the entire trip really made me realize how lucky I am and how lucky we are to have the opportunities we do here.

We walked down about half a mile to Tuna’s parents’ usual coconut stand to buy some coconuts to drink for 3 real each (pronounced reais) which is about $1.50. I was a little skeptical because I didn’t think I liked coconut. But after drinking these, I realized I love coconut!


What I don’t like is processed coconut – the shredded white stuff doused in sugar. Real, natural coconut is where it’s at.


I’m definitely ready to be on Survivor now.


After you drink your coconut water, they cut it open for you with a machete and you can peel off the white stuff to eat.

When I got home from Brazil, I immediately went to Whole Foods and bought a shit ton of coconut water.

More pictures and new foods I tried to come! We’ve got a whole week to cover with this view from our window.


Thanks as always to Jenn for hosting What I Ate Wednesday!

7 thoughts on “[Real] Coconut

  1. Great shot of your “beach leap!” In the window view, is the tall thing on the peak at right what’s called the “Christ of the Andes”? What a trip! (And glad you realize how lucky you–all of us–are.)

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