Hungry For Change

A few weeks ago, my aunt asked me if I had seen the film Hungry For Change.

She was surprised when I said I hadn’t! That made me think – maybe I should start absorbing all the current commentaries on food philosophies (documentaries, books, etc.) since I like to think I am a food blogger.

The reason I’ve stayed away from some of these documentaries before is because I haven’t had the best experience with them.

When I watched Super Size Me (omg that was almost 10 years ago?) it actually made me want to go to McDonald’s. WTF is wrong with me.

Tuna and I watched Food Inc on Netflix about a year ago, and I was officially scarred for life. I couldn’t eat meat for weeks without cringing.

You get the picture. I don’t like any kind of media illustrations that focus on negativity surrounding food – or how stringently a particular person thinks we should consume it. Like diets swearing off carbs or fruit or something. Before, I’d rather just look the other way and eat my damn fruit.

Now I realize that the only way to be completely educated about food is to study these different philosophies and then make up my own mind how I want to eat in the way that I feel is best for me.

Anyway, here are some of the messages I took away from Hungry For Change. I’m definitely going to consider all of these things as I move forward in my healthy living journey.

  • Our bodies are starving for nutrition. America mostly consumes a diet based on high calories and low nutrition. This needs to be reversed! Hungry For Change says we are “overfed and starving to death.”
  • Our bodies are not designed for working under florescent lights in an office with absolutely no exercise. We’ve forgotten our instincts as natural human beings, and we need to go back to that version of health.
  • If you want good skin, you’ve got to eat healthy – it’s the last thing your body nourishes.
  • Stress = famine to your body. When you’re stressed, your body is trying to protect protect you by going in to fat storage mode. A good way to be less stressed is to sleep more.
  • We need to analyze why and how we eat. Where does the food come from? What went into the food in terms of attitude – are you eating out of boredom or because your body needs to be nourished?

You can watch Hungry For Change HERE!

Have you seen Hungry For Change or any other food related documentaries? What are your thoughts on them?

Tell me all the things.

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