Friday’s Five

1. My mint plant is a mutant.

Seriously, the thing has doubled in size in the past six days. I am going to have so much effing mint. #healthylivingscore

2. Eating clean like whoa this week.

If only I could keep it up on the weekends…..

3. I finally tried a new yoga DVD.

I’m sorry, Sarah Ivanhoe. I still love you, but I just needed a break. It was great – my abs were super sore from this sooo I will probably be doing this DVD again next week.

yoga34. Scrambling to prep for a 10K next weekend.

Remember when I signed up for THIS? Well, time kind of got away from me. I think this is going to primarily a fun run for me since I’m not in tip-tip running shape right now.

5. TSwift in concert.

I can’t wait to scream my head off with all the twelve-year-old girls in the city this weekend. Thanks again for the tix, Dad!


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