Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Remember how I said I would never do a juice cleanse?

Well, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead made me want to do one.

Though the documentary could have made its point in half the time, it totally got me amped up about juicing.

It starts off with a big guy, Joe Cross, doing a 60 day (WHAAAA) “fast,” or juice cleanse, meaning he only drinks juice from fresh fruits and veggies. When he started, he was very overweight and had a terrible dermatitis/skin disease that he had to be on lots of the steroid Prednisone for.

By the end of his cleanse, he lost 90lbs and his skin disease was GONE.

After accomplishing his goal, Joe gets hooked on the health benefits of juicing and inspires others to follow suit.

My favorite quote from the movie: 70% of the disease that affects us now are caused by our life choices.

That really stuck with me because it suggests that a lot of the health problems we face can be prevented by the food [and exercise, sleep habits, mental health, etc] that we subject our bodies to.

Just like Hungry For Change, Joe talks about the ridiculous supply of micro-nutrients in fruit/veggie juice and how it nourishes our bodies.

I do wish he told us a little more HOW to juice and what to juice. But I guess that’s what research is for.

Last week I tried adding  the juice from a tomato into my green juice. It tasted like shit.

Last week I tried adding the juice from a tomato into my green juice. It tasted like shit.

I’ve got my research cut out for me because I am going to try a juice cleanse.

I’m going to the beach in a week and a half, so I might as well try it now! My plan so far is to start on Sunday so that I don’t go brain dead at work, and then see how Monday and Tuesday go. I’m convincing myself that it is not a challenge that I have to complete and am not a failure if I don’t. It might not work for me. So 3 days is definitely all I want to start with!

More details on my cleanse to come – don’t worry, I’ll fill ya in on every little detail. 🙂

If you’d like to watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, watch it for free HERE!

Have you ever done a juice cleanse?

2 thoughts on “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

  1. This one says it tastes like V-8…”Heart Healthy Veg Juice.” Ingredients: 2 med tomatoes, 1 stalk celery, 1 lg carrot, 1 cup broccoli, 1 cucumber, 1/2 lemon (peeled), 1 clove garlic. Have not made it yet, but sounds good.

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