My Very Own Spin Class

I’ve probably been to a total of five or six spin classes in the past few months.

Since I’m trying to focus more on running and weight lifting for the Tough Mudder, I don’t like “wasting” a running day at the gym spinning. The spin instructors I like only have classes at 6:30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, and half of the time those days don’t align with my workout plan.

My favorite spin instructor reminds me of Scary Spice Рnot in looks obvi, but  encouragement wise.


I will do whatever you say, Scary Spice. You are terrifying.

While puttering around the gym on Sunday afternoon, I looked at the dark empty silence of the usually rambunctious spin room.

Then I had an idea.

I’m allowed to go in the spin room even when there isn’t a spin class! (I think I’m allowed, right Crunch?)

I planned to do just arms and abs that afternoon, but let’s be honest, just an arms and abs workout is kind of boring. I wanted to do some cardio beforehand, but didn’t want to put too much pressure on my joints since I ran on Saturday.

Venturing in to the spin room by myself was just so…different – it didn’t stink of humans like it usually does.

 I took my time adjusting my bike (it always takes me approx 10 min to get the stupid heights right) and was quite proud of myself when I finished my 30 min spin workout.

Watch out, I may be your next spin instructor! (Kidding! I think.)

Song 1: Warm-up
Slowly pedal from your push point (level 3/4) and build up coasting speed up to level 5.

Song 2: Wake-up Hill Climb
Start at level 5, move up a turn at each chorus, going up to level 8 at the end. For each turn added stand up for the chorus.

Song 3: Jump Around
Take it back to push point for a little, first chorus turn up to 6 and do saddle jumps to the beat of each chorus.

Song 4: Sprint it Out
Keep your level 6 and SPRINT at the fast parts!

Song 5: Chill Out
Back to push point and bring your heart rate down for a hot sec.

Song 6: Big Ol’ Climb
Keep on climbing to level 10 – you need an internal Scary Spice yelling at you during this one. After the last chorus, bring it back down to 9.

Song 7: Move It
Move down to level 7 and try to pedal to the off beat – at the choruses, do saddle jumps to the beat.

Song 8: Fast Recover
Bring it down to level 6 and pedal 85% speed at the choruses.

Song 9: Warm-down
Slowly bring yourself back to push point and stretch your arms/shoulders, ending with leg stretches off the bike

All you need is a spin bike and some music – have fun sweatin’!

Tell me all the things.

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