Meet in the Middle

With the Tough Mudder looming over my head this week I am being a spastic mess. Part of me wants to go run 12 miles to make sure I can, while the other part of me knows not to push it this week since I don’t want to be sore or injured on Saturday! For now, I’m attempting to meet somewhere in the middle – a few workouts (nothing too crazy) early in the week and then resting on Thursday and Friday.

I was feeling too lazy to drive to Crunch last night, so I settled for running on the treadmill at my apartment gym. It was so hot, stuffy, and sweaty in there that I could only force myself to run 2 of the 5 miles I had wanted to. I can’t believe I used to use that shithole little room as my actual gym! (Sorry apartment building.) But seriously, it smells gross in there. Thank gawwwd for Crunch.

It seems that any sweat inducing activity entitles me to refuel with lots of carbs. Simplicity was the way to go last night! I gobbled down whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce and peas.

Since Jenn @ Peas and Crayons reminded me that Fall is approaching, I snagged the opportunity to spice up my daily overnight oats with a bit of unsweetened applesauce.

That’s a lie. I just have no fresh fruit and am getting sick of eating prunes. Or as my mom tricked me in to eating them, “dried plums.”

It actually was a nice change! I can’t wait for scarf weather and apple cider and cinnamon smelling candles. And oh yeah, being able to run outside again.

Lunch was an oldie but goodie: romaine lettuce with hard-boiled eggs and Italian dressing. Maybe one day I will eat meat for my protein source. But then I’ll have to cook it first…

Dinner tonight was a keeper for sure. Puffins with milk, granola, chia seeds, prunes, and a dollop of dark chocolate dreams peanut butter. Mental note to self – buy more than one box of Puffins at a time. I go through those things at a ridiculous speed.

Though it was plenty filling a few hours ago, I just got home and was ravenous. No, I’m not eating a bowl full of leftover linguini at midnight.

OK, you caught me. But it’s race week – so I’m allowed, right?

What do you normally eat for your protein source?

Are you a midnight snacker too?

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