Tough Mudder Teaser

I did it!

I am officially a Tough Mudder!

There was a freak thunderstorm that caused a ridiculous amount of rain and flooding throughout almost the entirety of the event.

It was exactly the opposite of what I thought: I was terrible at the running part of the course, but loved (almost!) every minute of the obstacles. I had to walk some of the time, forcing my amazing teammates to coddle me along to keep running.

How did I train on the treadmill for eight months and have an extremely hard time running the 10.5 miles, but breezed through most of the obstacles with the help of my team without completing more than 5 lifting workouts throughout the year?

Who knows.

My team finished together in approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes, without any serious injuries.

The Tough Mudder was way, way harder than I expected, and though I wasn’t the all-star of my team, (probably was one of/the worst on my team!) I fucking did it.

And I ate an entire pizza afterwards.

Tell me all the things.

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