WIAW: Tough Mudder Edition

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

This week falls perfectly (did ya get that pun?) into our WIAW theme of the month because this week I completed a huge goal of mine: to successfully finish the Tough Mudder!

Because the Tough Mudder was on Saturday, my eating this weekend was quite cray cray.

It started off healthily! The morning of Tough Mudder, I woke up at 7:20am.

Our start time was at 10:40am – which I was thrilled about. As you know, I don’t do well with early wake-up calls. 

While I waited for a few members of my team to pick me up, I had a relaxing pre-Mudder breakfast of bananas, oatmeal, and granola.

With some hazelnut coffee on the side. Our team name was WAHOOWAH, so I had to sip my coffee from a UVA mug.

Little did I know I would only be eating bananas for the next 12 hours.

Well, mostly eating bananas. Before the race I did gobble down a chocolate chip brownie Larabar. I heard that there was supposed to be lots of food and fuel (like shotbloks and gu) at the water and aid stations throughout the course, so I figured I would be eating sporadically during the event.


By the time our team got to the water stations, the only thing available to eat was – bananas! I was starving pretty much halfway through the course, so I was glad for any kind of food, even if it wasn’t assorted gourmet sports bars.

But after eating my fourth banana of the day at the last aid station, I longed for a big ass Gatorade and Clif Bar at the finish.

Too bad there were only bananas available at the finish line.

I think I’ll have blueberries as the fruit in my overnight oats for a few weeks.

The rest of my Tough Mudder weekend consisted of eating as much junk food as possible: Dominos and Chipotle FTW.

Not actually for the win though – I’m not feeling so hot right now. It’s probably because of the ridiculousness of Tough Mudder, but I didn’t recover with the best nutrients this weekend either.

So now it’s back to clean eating for me! My next goal to conquer is to finally reach my goal weight.

I’m going to start by making these babies that I discovered on Pinterest.

What do you usually eat to refuel after a race?

Do you have any goals this fall?

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