How did you get your pumpkins?

Tuna and I spent Saturday afternoon with my four year old cousin at a sweet pumpkin patch.

My cuz was appalled because Tuna had never been to a pumpkin patch before.
“But, but – how did you get your pumpkins?” she gasped. When Tuna said most some  people buy pumpkins at the grocery store, she was horrified.

We started out the trip with legit country hayride.

The hayride stopped after half a mile or so at the field where did our pumpkin picking. We kept trying to get my cousin to pick a small pumpkin by exclaiming each small pumpkin was the shiniest or the best color, but of course she would only settle for the biggest pumpkin of all!

Tuna and I took turns lugging it around. Arm workout!

Good job taking a picture, cuz! Ridiculous that a four year old can work a iPhone just fine.

Next we were on to the animals.

There was a very grumpy, very old emaciated cow.

There were multiple goats too. My cuz and Tuna fed the baby goats. This one was their favorite.

The piggies were my favorite. My apartment doesn’t allow cats or dogs, but do you think they would allow a pig? Honey Boo Boo had one.

They were adorable and made me not want to eat bacon. After I saw the movie Babe when I was eight, I boycotted bacon for years. I do love my BLTs though….

We ended the afternoon with caramel apples (the clear winner!) and Apples Maureen, which consisted of sponge cake and baked cinnamon apples with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

Later that night Tuna and I spiked the apple cider we bought. It made a good after-dinner treat!

How did you spend your Saturday afternoon?

Have you ever been to a pumpkin patch or on a hayride? It was Tuna’s first hayride too!

4 thoughts on “How did you get your pumpkins?

  1. Your cuz giggled that you call him Tuna. Best pumpkin patch day she’s ever had, probably because you’re her favorite person on the planet.

  2. Glad your cuz took a picture of you and Tuna…had started to think he was fictional. (PS–with a day off due to Storm Sandy, why were you posting this at 6 a.m.????)

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