The Sarah P. Duke Gardens

After finishing up at the Durham Farmers’ Market, we moseyed on over to The Sarah P. Duke Gardens at Duke University.

The Duke Gardens began in the 1930’s, and now spreads across 55 acres of west campus.

It was the absolute perfect day for a trip to the gardens: gorgeous and 65 degrees out. I couldn’t help but take an absurd amount of pictures.

The cherry blossoms aren’t blooming yet in Washington, but they sure were here!

cherryblossom1cherryblossom2I am jeal that my mom gets to live near these gardens! Cross-training here would definitely be more picturesque than the inside of the gym.

I was surprised how big the gardens were. Each trail led us to a bigger space of land than the one before it.

bridgegardens1We finally got to the flowers – obvi my favorite part.

gardens2flowers3The koi pond is supposedly filled with water lilies during the summer.


gardens3The smell was amazing.

gardens5gardens6flowers2gardens7We came across this quaint little gardener’s cottage toward the top of the terrace.

restrooms2And proceeded to take a bunch of photos in front of it.

restrooms1When we were satisfied, we turned around to leave, and my mom pointed out the sign.


We have a lot of good pics to frame – but all in front of the bathroom, nbd.

Don’t mind me, just continuing to play photog at the garden center.

gardencenter1Though my allegiance lies elsewhere, I have to admit that Duke has it’s pretty parts!



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