Friday’s Five

1) Learning a new cooking lesson.

Make sure to check the ingredients you need before you start cooking/baking something. I realized after I started mixing everything that the applesauce for the applesauce bread I was making was moldy. Foul. #bakingfail

2) My brand-new crock-pot.

For my b-day last week, my dad gave me the crock-pot that Julie recommended. I can’t wait to start trying Pinterest recipes!

photo (2)

3) Figuring out the best post-gym dinner in the world.

An egg white omelet covered in cilantro and V8.  Please don’t judge my ugly omelet. I’m still learning.

photo (1)4) Discovering Bejeweled.

So I think I’m a little late in the game with this (pun intended), but I cannot stop playing. My mom showed me this app while I was in Durham and I played it almost the whole way home on the train! It’s almost as addictive as Instagram.


5) This article that reminded me why I [try] to eat clean.

I especially like the explanation the third guru gives.

What is ONE thing you loved/hated about this week?

Tell me all the things.

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