I Blew It

Welp, I blew it.

You guys know I took the two weeks after the Shamrock Half Marathon off of running.

But what you didn’t know is that I didn’t step foot in the gym once, and ate like complete shit. Half a pizza, a ridiculous amount of cookies, etc. Everything tasted really good, but my body wasn’t having it.

Not only did I feel like a beached whale, I was constantly tired and got a bunch of canker sores.

It seems I go all in or… to the opposite extreme when it comes to clean eating/exercising.

Not okay.

Lesson learned. I’m sorry, body!

I am not doing this again. Next time I finish a race, I’ll take a DAY or two off of working out, and eat ONE damn piece of cake, not three.

I really don’t want to have to keep starting over at a shitty fitness level every time I  take a break after an event or race. Not that I’m training for a huge race right now, but we can all agree it’s never fun to lose your endurance. Building up those first few miles when you’re out of shape are not fun.

Last week I slowly started working out again.

Monday: 3 miles at the park

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: My own personal spin class, arms, abs @ Crunch

Thursday: Yoga DVD

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 5 miles on the trail near Tuna’s

[With my sweet Shamrock running hat. Dorky? I don’t care. I love.]

shamrockhat15milerSunday: Hungover

This week I’m focusing on getting my act together re. eating clean. One step at a time.

I’m starting from square one (alright, maybe like square 3) but I’m going for it. Expect lots more miles and a bunch of fruit and veggies in the next few weeks.

Do you take breaks after races?

How do you stick to your diet? Do you ever cheat?

2 thoughts on “I Blew It

  1. hang in there! one way i try to keep my diet clean is just by not buying crap at the store. i’m sure you’ve heard this, but the trick is to shop the periphery of the store for produce, meats, dairy — all the packaged crap and frozen stuff is in the center!

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