Cherry Blossoms

Is it weird that I’ve lived in D.C. most of my life and haven’t been to see the cherry blossoms? (Maybe I went when I was little. Mom?)

Luckily, Mal suggested that we stop and check them out with Stephy before our dinner date on Monday.



We caught the last little bit of sunshine so we could snap a few pics of the trees before the sun went down.

I love me some TJ.


It was pretty crowded even though it was a weekday evening!


It was almost 80 degrees out! I like the warm weather, but don’t understand how we went immediately from freezing to almost summer temps.

The blossoms were confused.

Some were fully bloomed and gorgeous, while others were still just buds and not pretty yet.

This branch was pretty!


Even though my allergies are also confused and just starting to go haywire, I’m trying my best to get outside a lot.


You should too!

Do you do touristy things in your city or skip them?

Anyone else slowly dying of hay fever allergies?

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