Friday’s Five

1. A Mamma Chia treat.

I say treat because this stuff is expensive for a little thing of juice. But it is SO good! I’ve tried all of the flavors now, and this is by far the best one.

mammachia2. New sandals for springtime.

Last week I used a gift certificate I had to purchase some new kicks from Piperlime. I was having a very hard time choosing between brown and black, and Tuna helped me chose the brown ones. Good choice.

3. I am officially an old lady.

On Wednesday night, at 1:15am, I made my first-ever noise complaint. Some hoodlums in my apartment complex were blasting music so loudly that I could hear the bass pumpin’ with my earplugs in. Shhhhhh, the old ladies are sleeping.

4. It’s strawberry season.

My overnight oats suddenly got much, much better.

strawberries5. Wearing play clothes to work.

I’m moving a bunch of boxes at work today so I insisted on wearing my Brooks for the day. I could get used to this. (The sports bra part, not the manual labor part.)

brooks3What are TWO things that stuck out to you this week?

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