Weekend Update

This was necessary after work on Friday because my poor car got a flat tire:

2013-04-12 19.08.45After an episode of slight panic, Tuna helped me drop my car off the gas station and now I am praying to the car gods that the tire just needs to be plugged.

On Saturday morning, I went with my aunts and cousin to a nearby thrift store. I wasn’t prepared for how HUGE it was!

thrift shopWe founds tons of little clothes for my five year old cousin, including these adorbs “running” shorts that I insisted she get!

girlshortsI ended up having some good finds too – I got a clutch, blazer, flats, and two pairs of shorts for a total of $22 bucks!

Before I threw my new clothes in the washing machine, I doubled checked the pockets to make sure there wasn’t any weird crap in them and found…..

20bucksthriftshop…a $20 bill! Woo hooo! Now I can say I got all those thrift store goodies for $2! I’m totally going to do all of my x-mas shopping there next year.

Before I knew it, I found myself waiting in line at a bar with my girlfriends at midnight – eatin’ a Clif bar!

clifbarbarI told you I always have one in my clutch purse. 🙂

The Shamrock Half crew cleans up pretty well!

2013-04-14 00.53.12During the week, Tuna and I made big plans to go hiking at Great Falls on Sunday after a family b-day brunch. We bragged told everyone about it, and I even brought my Camelbak and my Merrells with me.

Besides my slight hungover headache, (only a few drinks does that to me now!!!) it was a perfect day for hiking.

Too bad everyone else in the D.C. metropolitan area had the same idea as us.

2013-04-14 13.15.57After 20 minutes of waiting to get into the park, we pulled a u-ie, and decided to go home and take a nap instead. #healthylivingfail

It’s the thought that counts, right?

I got some energy after a nap, and had to pull a different move than I normally do for my usual Sunday afternoon Whole Foods trip.


backpackingBeing car-less and grocery shopping for healthy foods for the week meant I had to see how many things I could shove into my backpack and still force it to zip shut.

backpackgroceriesThank goodness I am lucky enough be able to walk to a Whole Foods/healthy grocery store.

I was definitely surprised how different grocery shopping is when you don’t have a car to plop all of your bags in.

Walking home, I couldn’t help thinking about how hard lugging healthy groceries home like this would be all the time, especially for people who have to walk way longer or carry food for multiple kids, etc. I was just carrying stuff for one person and for only half of the week, since I only have a three day work week this week (yay)!

What did you do this weekend?

Do you ever go thrift shopping?

How do you transport your groceries home? By car? Bus? Walking?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. oh what?! $20 in the pocket!!??? also, forgot a lot of things from sat night. oops. did i eat some of that clif bar? i feel like i was really amused that you had it. lolol.

  2. Poppin tags! lol I have bought a few things at thrift shops before. Tomorrow’s to-do-list is actually to clean out my drawers and take some stuff to goodwill.

    Finding money in your pocket is always sooooo exciting, but finding free money?!?! Great day!!!

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