The Baltimore FlowerMart

My friend Nancy is the best and suggested that we go to the FlowerMart festival in downtown Baltimore on Saturday.

Our allergies behaved and we had a fab evening walking around and exploring the sights!

washingtonmonumentchurchThere were tons of plant vendors and we loved looking at the pretty flowers

flower1and herbs!

sweetbasilBoth Nance and I stopped in our tracks when we smelled this chocolate mint. It smelled like a peppermint patty.

chocolatemintI originally wasn’t going to buy anything because I tend to kill any plant that comes into my possession, but I’ve been cooking with so many herbs lately that it makes sense to try to grow some of my own! A small bushel of mint is like five bucks at Whole Foods, and each of these herbs were going for three bucks a pop.

I settled on some regular mint since I’ve been putting it in my water lately and I can use it in my new JUICER!

mint2013-05-04 19.54.57We stopped again to giggle at the homemade chia pets. If only I could somehow grow my own chia seeds for my overnight oats….now that would save me some $$.

chiapetIt was time for food! YUM. Hello weekend reward meal(s).

pulledporkTip: arrive at a food festival toward the end and you will get lots of free food.

The falafel guy was packing up his tent and I asked if I could pretty please still buy some falafel.

falafelHe agreed and gave me two pitas for the price of one! The falafel was some of the best  I’ve ever had – though I know that’s not saying too much since I just started eating it about a year ago. 😉

falafelsandwichNancy got a pulled pork sandwich and some delish fresh french fries that I snarked half of.

friesOur sampling continued with some dips.

pretzelsamplesThe cajun was our favorite by far. I need to find a healthy dip recipe for the summer!

cajunI  was enthralled by the giant vat of kettle corn. I definitely need one of those cool popcorn protection masks when I make my stove popped popcorn.

popcornman2013-05-04 19.19.02We thought we’d grab a few hush puppies on our way out and used our powers of persuasion to have the guy give us all of the remaining hush puppies and a shit ton of fried shrimp for five dollars.

hushpuppiesandshrimpDon’t worry, we saved most of it for a late night snack.

We smelled the tulips on our way out.

tulipsI think our trip to the FlowerMart was a success. Good find, Nance!

2013-05-04 21.08.10

6 thoughts on “The Baltimore FlowerMart

  1. Girl, you MADE out with all that delicious food! Seriously 2 pitas, and extra hush puppies? Lucky!

  2. You make me hungry! And reminded me that I love Mt. Vernon Square in Bawlmer! (Did you know that’s the FIRST monument to G.W. in the whole country?)

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