I don’t think I have ever been so excited for a new pair of shoes before.

After reading Born to Run, I was beyond excited about ordering my new “barefoot” style running shoes. When they finally arrived a few weeks later, I was devastated that they felt way too big on my feet! (Such problems, I know.)

I shipped ’em back and requested an exchange for a smaller size. Then I worried while I waited for three weeks for the new pair to come that the new size would be too small.

They finally came! Hallelujah. (Nooo…I didn’t click the FedEx tracking site hundreds of times…)

Aren’t they beautiful?

My first run with them was fun because they felt so light! I felt like I was wearing my sprinting spikes and running like the wind. If the wind ran 11 minute miles.

The arch that usually bothers me still hurts a bit today – so just like I promised, I will ease in to using these shoes regularly. I still may be running wrong too, like thinking too much about what my feet are doing at all times, rather than just running.

It will be nice when I finally am able to just run.

Tunes bought me flowers on Thursday just because!

They might be even prettier than my beloved shoes.

Hope you’re having a fab weekend!

What shoes do you run in?

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