Shark Week

Tuna frantically motioned for me to come out on the balcony on Saturday.


What is it with people around here and fake animals? You never know what you’re going to see from my balcony.

This is actually the side of the Discovery Channel building, and I’m assuming they’re getting pumped up for Shark Week, which started on Sunday.  So it seems like I’m going to have to look at Jaws for the rest of the week.

Maybe I’ll keep the blinds closed.

I slept on my neck funny on Friday night/Saturday morning (maybe it had to do with the fact that I slept until 2:00pm? 🙂 ) and it is still bothering me! You know, that horrible ache you get once in a while where it hurts to turn your neck? Sometimes it goes away in one day just by sleeping normally on it and sometimes it takes a little bit more time to get back to normal.

Anyway, I did not feel up to running with my super sore neck on Sunday, so I skipped my run. I did 5 miles yesterday in my old shoes and my neck didn’t hurt too much, but it’s still bugging me a little now.

I’ll definitely wait a few more days to get my lift on this week, but I can’t wait too long! There’s only T-minus 25 days until the Tough Mudder.

Do you ever get a sore neck from sleeping on it funny? It is so annoying – it happens to me once or twice a year.

Tell me all the things.

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