Capitol Hill Classic 10K Race Recap

I went to bed Saturday night fearing Sunday morning’s weather.

10KraceweatherBut when I moseyed on over to the metro, it wasn’t too bad out!

I was a little nervous about getting to the race in time to pick-up my packet because my bffls running had already picked theirs up. I severely regretted my procrastination until…

I ran into this girl at the t-shirt table!

sweatyemilyThe other girls were quite jeal that I got to meet Sweaty Emily.

Luckily, they still let me take race pictures with them.

capitol10KgirlsWe spent the next half hour doing important pre-race things, like using the power of the raised arm to get our effing location

findinglocation1And we got ready to run.

capitolhillclassicMy race was pretty standard! I think I’m finally getting used to races. Perhaps knowing that my Garmin keeps track of pace helps.

garmin10As I keep learning about distance running, I’m having fun just running races. Just running the distance is still an accomplishment to me! Though I know it’s also my own fault for not pushing myself to be faster, so perhaps that time is coming soon.

The beginning and the end of the race had good scenery, through the pretty streets of Capitol Hill. Then the course took us toward the highway views near RFK stadium.

My favorite part of races is when the super crazy fast people are running back and you can see them and cheer them on! Some of those peeps run fast.

The low part of the race for me was slowly making the loop around RFK. It started to rain and running in the parking lot kind of sucked.

10Kmap1I didn’t think the one hill was too bad, but maybe that’s because I ran so slowly up it. 😉 My friends all had good races too – they are so speedy!

And then we snuck back to the t-shirt table.


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