Post Race Eats

After the Capitol Hill Classic we headed in search of something good to eat.

capitolhillIn order to get to some good restaurants we had to walk through Eastern Market. Very weird that I’ve lived here forever and never been!

easternmarketsamplesIt was perfect wandering past all the yummy booths and taking handfuls of samples. Just what I needed post race!


easternmarkethummusMal said it would be a great place to buy fruit and veggies for juicing – agreed! We def need to go back there with some cash pronto.

easternmarketcucsPretty cool that you can get farmers market produce right in the city.

2013-05-19 10.37.08-1

easternmarketpeachesI would like all of these, please.

easternmarketnecklacesWe settled on a place called Boxcar Tavern for brunch and sat at the bar. I couldn’t resist ordering a mimosa.

boxcartavernmimosaRe-hydration is necessary after running 6.2 miles. Yeah.

Chocolate chip pancakes seem to be part of my post 10K tradition, so I’m just gonna go with it.

pancakesI may need to do a race every Sunday because it was the first time I’ve gone to bed before 11 in a looooong time.

Thanks to Jenn @ Peas and Crayons for hosting What I Ate Wednesday!

What’s your favorite post-race meal?

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