WIAW: Tough Mudder Edition

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

This week falls perfectly (did ya get that pun?) into our WIAW theme of the month because this week I completed a huge goal of mine: to successfully finish the Tough Mudder!

Because the Tough Mudder was on Saturday, my eating this weekend was quite cray cray.

It started off healthily! The morning of Tough Mudder, I woke up at 7:20am.

Our start time was at 10:40am – which I was thrilled about. As you know, I don’t do well with early wake-up calls. 

While I waited for a few members of my team to pick me up, I had a relaxing pre-Mudder breakfast of bananas, oatmeal, and granola.

With some hazelnut coffee on the side. Our team name was WAHOOWAH, so I had to sip my coffee from a UVA mug.

Little did I know I would only be eating bananas for the next 12 hours.

Well, mostly eating bananas. Before the race I did gobble down a chocolate chip brownie Larabar. I heard that there was supposed to be lots of food and fuel (like shotbloks and gu) at the water and aid stations throughout the course, so I figured I would be eating sporadically during the event.


By the time our team got to the water stations, the only thing available to eat was – bananas! I was starving pretty much halfway through the course, so I was glad for any kind of food, even if it wasn’t assorted gourmet sports bars.

But after eating my fourth banana of the day at the last aid station, I longed for a big ass Gatorade and Clif Bar at the finish.

Too bad there were only bananas available at the finish line.

I think I’ll have blueberries as the fruit in my overnight oats for a few weeks.

The rest of my Tough Mudder weekend consisted of eating as much junk food as possible: Dominos and Chipotle FTW.

Not actually for the win though – I’m not feeling so hot right now. It’s probably because of the ridiculousness of Tough Mudder, but I didn’t recover with the best nutrients this weekend either.

So now it’s back to clean eating for me! My next goal to conquer is to finally reach my goal weight.

I’m going to start by making these babies that I discovered on Pinterest.

What do you usually eat to refuel after a race?

Do you have any goals this fall?

Tough Mudder Teaser

I did it!

I am officially a Tough Mudder!

There was a freak thunderstorm that caused a ridiculous amount of rain and flooding throughout almost the entirety of the event.

It was exactly the opposite of what I thought: I was terrible at the running part of the course, but loved (almost!) every minute of the obstacles. I had to walk some of the time, forcing my amazing teammates to coddle me along to keep running.

How did I train on the treadmill for eight months and have an extremely hard time running the 10.5 miles, but breezed through most of the obstacles with the help of my team without completing more than 5 lifting workouts throughout the year?

Who knows.

My team finished together in approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes, without any serious injuries.

The Tough Mudder was way, way harder than I expected, and though I wasn’t the all-star of my team, (probably was one of/the worst on my team!) I fucking did it.

And I ate an entire pizza afterwards.


All’s quiet over here!

I’m trying my best to relax after a long week at work – I had a 12 hour day yesterday! Good timing to be exhausted for Tough Mudder day. But I napped this afternoon, so I think I’ll be fine sleep wise.

But seriously. Terrified.

I’m all packed and ready to go. I was a good girl tonight and had a simple, healthy dinner of good fuel.

Brown rice with edamame and leftover Thai peanut sauce.

My brain is all over the place with questions. Can I really do this? Do I have everything I need? Will my contacts survive? What if I didn’t train enough?

I just keep telling myself to relax, don’t think about the obstacles too much (especially the arctic enema), and to just have fun. That’s what it’s all about.

Off to bed early! I’ve got butterflies in my stomach. Hopefully my brain will shut off soon.

Do you ever get pre-race/event jitters?

Meet in the Middle

With the Tough Mudder looming over my head this week I am being a spastic mess. Part of me wants to go run 12 miles to make sure I can, while the other part of me knows not to push it this week since I don’t want to be sore or injured on Saturday! For now, I’m attempting to meet somewhere in the middle – a few workouts (nothing too crazy) early in the week and then resting on Thursday and Friday.

I was feeling too lazy to drive to Crunch last night, so I settled for running on the treadmill at my apartment gym. It was so hot, stuffy, and sweaty in there that I could only force myself to run 2 of the 5 miles I had wanted to. I can’t believe I used to use that shithole little room as my actual gym! (Sorry apartment building.) But seriously, it smells gross in there. Thank gawwwd for Crunch.

It seems that any sweat inducing activity entitles me to refuel with lots of carbs. Simplicity was the way to go last night! I gobbled down whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce and peas.

Since Jenn @ Peas and Crayons reminded me that Fall is approaching, I snagged the opportunity to spice up my daily overnight oats with a bit of unsweetened applesauce.

That’s a lie. I just have no fresh fruit and am getting sick of eating prunes. Or as my mom tricked me in to eating them, “dried plums.”

It actually was a nice change! I can’t wait for scarf weather and apple cider and cinnamon smelling candles. And oh yeah, being able to run outside again.

Lunch was an oldie but goodie: romaine lettuce with hard-boiled eggs and Italian dressing. Maybe one day I will eat meat for my protein source. But then I’ll have to cook it first…

Dinner tonight was a keeper for sure. Puffins with milk, granola, chia seeds, prunes, and a dollop of dark chocolate dreams peanut butter. Mental note to self – buy more than one box of Puffins at a time. I go through those things at a ridiculous speed.

Though it was plenty filling a few hours ago, I just got home and was ravenous. No, I’m not eating a bowl full of leftover linguini at midnight.

OK, you caught me. But it’s race week – so I’m allowed, right?

What do you normally eat for your protein source?

Are you a midnight snacker too?

What I Really Looked Like

It was raining on Sunday, so we couldn’t veg out by the pool in the sun like we had planned on.

Luckily, we improvised and headed to the rec center instead to play some racquetball!

What I really looked like….


Apparently I am terrible at any sport involving a racquet. At least I got a little cross training in though.

We did end up going to the pool, but not for sun – for laps! I grew up doing summer swim team at my neighborhood pool and I was a lifeguard for years. I’m no Missy Franklin, but I do like swimming laps for exercise. I have been missing my gorgeous university pool lately, so I was super pumped to get to swim a little.

I did laps for about twenty minutes. I was definitely rusty, but it did feel really good on my joints.

After the pool we had BLTS with chicken breast on whole wheat bread. (And a few BBQ chips. I was on vacation, OK?)

The vacation eating continued with a splurge meal at my fav restaurant: Outback Steakhouse! 

Outback has been my favorite restaurant for years. I was even a waitress there one summer in college.

I get the same thing every time. 🙂 Victoria’s center cut filet mignon, a house salad with ranch dressing, and the garlic mashed potatoes. And of course we couldn’t resist getting the bloomin’ onion for our appetizer! This dinner was most certainly not “clean,” but it was so worth the cheat meal.

I later regretted stuffing every little bit of the delish food down because my stomach was waaay too full by the end of dinner – so full I looked preggers! (Alright, I was puffing it out a bit on purpose.)

Vacation’s over – time to get focused on the last week of Tough Mudder training. I’m starting to freak out a bit.

Is there a sport you are absolutely terrible at? I’m pretty bad at tennis but I think I am even worse at soccer!

Have you ever been a server at a restaurant? If so, which one?

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

We went to the Nationals baseball game yesterday with Tuna’s brother, sister and  their significant others. It was my first Nats game this season!

Before we metroed over, I shoveled my face with healthy food in an attempt to convince my  stomach (and brain) that I didn’t need a bucket of nachos and seventeen beers at the game. I wanted to stay healthyish AND not spend $100 on game food.

We had spinach salad with quinoa, shredded carrots, cheddar cheese, and Italian dressing topped off with some tomato and basil hummus. It did the trick!

Our seats were sweet – they were right in the front row of our section, so we didn’t have to deal with any people in front of us.

I ended up getting one all beef hot dog with ketchup and a diet coke around the fifth inning. I was so excited to chow down that I forgot to take a picture for you! But it seriously hit the spot. There’s nothing like a hot dog at a ball game!

Look who it is! Tuna promised that he would let me post a real picture of him on CNG when I reach 300 twitter followers. Right now I only have 160 – so you must follow me! 🙂

The Nats ended up losing 10-9, but it was still  a fun game. When we got home, we booked it to the car for a late night road trip to West Virginia! Stay tuned for some embarrassing pictures from WVA!

Hope you’re having a relaxing labor day weekend.

What’s your favorite sporting event to attend? I like baseball – but I like going to hockey games too!

Do you have a must eat item at baseball games? Mine is definitely a hot dog. Mmmmm…..